Rediscovering and renewing my Inner Values

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This course provides the learners an opportunity to help remember and identify their innermost values. Values represent an internal framework that has the potential to provide meaning to our lives and the way in which we lead them. These inner beliefs can guide and enhance our thoughts, our external actions and, relationships with others. Values are helpful in maintaining our personal self-esteem in the face of challenge and disappointment. They are the principles by which we choose to live in the outer world.  Learners can apply their learning to their lives and take this forward in a suitable plan of action for the future.

This workshop is part of a ‘Values in Self-care’ series aimed at providing participants with the opportunity to explore, experience and develop spiritual tools (meditation, visualisation, appreciation, listening, play, creativity, and reflection) to enhance their inner strength and wellbeing, in a safe and relaxed setting by a trained and experienced tutor.

The series is running for 8 weeks and you can either book on to this session as a one off or multiple weeks by booking them separately.

Why not check out the whole series and book your places by clicking the links below…

Developing Resilience: the key to self-management

Rediscovering and renewing my Inner Values

Time out to Refresh and De-stress

Enhancing positive interaction

Unlocking your key to compassion

Appreciating your contribution

Valuing yourself: exploring self-care and self-esteem

Exploring spirituality and healing


Please note the sessions do not run for 8 weeks consecutively, there will be breaks for the holidays.

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Start dates and time

Friday26 April 202410:30am-12:30pm1 weeks

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