General resources

Self-management and workbooks

(If you are searching for workbooks on topics of the courses we cover, such as improving your sleep, understanding and managing depression, crafts, cooking and many many more, please visit our student resources page.)


Do you need a few minutes out? Spend some time listening to our short audio guided relaxation clips from our wonderful volunteer Cate.

Audio relaxation (PDF, 1 MB)


Most of us are carrying around anxieties about Covid-19 (coronavirus) and being in lockdown. Have a look at this workbook designed by one of our service users, Samantha, to help with easing these anxieties.

Lifting-lockdown-booklet (PDF, 1007 KB)


Take a look at this fantastic workbook our colleagues at our sister recovery and wellbeing college in Barnsley have created on an introduction to recovery.

1631-Barnsley-introduction-to-recovery-workbook (PDF, 483 KB)


Take a look at this equally brilliant workbook our colleagues at our sister recovery and wellbeing college in Barnsley have created on anxiety.

1626-Barnsley-recovery-college-anxiety-workbook-v2 (PDF, 427 KB)


Our wonderful volunteers and students have put together a playlist of uplifting songs that help them to feel better when they’re not quite feeling themselves. Have a look through the playlist and pick a few songs to listen to that might help you lift your spirits. If you have the time, why not give the whole playlist a go!!

Wakefield Recovery College’s Uplifting Playlist (DOC, 2 MB)


Our Trust infection prevention and control team have put together some really useful information about Covid-19 (coronavirus) infection control in the home…

Infection prevention in the home – what’s bugging you (PDF, 2 MB)


Take a look at our fantastic tutor Nirmala (working with us from the charity Spirit In Mind) and her snippets of mindfulness practice. Watch each of the videos and join in…

Mindfulness and breath

Mindfulness and sight

Mindfulness and sound

Mindfulness and smell/touch

Mindfulness practice

Thought for the day – peacefulness


Barnsley have been at it again! This time, they’ve produced this amazing workbook around habits for improving sleep.

1717 Barnsley recovery college habits for sleep workbook (PDF, 446 KB)

Resources from other recovery colleges and organisations

Are you interested in learning more about domestic abuse and the support available within the Wakefield Distrist? Take a look at this slideshow from Anna Tomlinson-Simpson and the Wakefield District Domestic Abuse Service (WDDAS). You can also visit their website for more information.

Wakefield District domestic abuse support


Tees Esk and Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust’s “Recovery College Online”



Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust’s online recovery college



Head over to of our partner Open Country to check out their wildlife webcams



The Wellness Society have put together this really helpful workbook looking at managing anxiety specifically related to Covid-19 (coronavirus).

Managing-Coronavirus-Anxiety-Workbook-Recovery-College (PDF, 550 KB)


Wakefield’s Healthwatch have put together a booklet of useful support, information and advice available to people during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Healthwatch-Wakefield-Coronavirus-support-and-information (PDF, 1 MB)


Our terrific colleagues at our sister wellbeing and recovery college in Calderdale and Kirklees have created a new physical health newsletter, called Let’s Get Physical. Take a look at their first edition…

Let’s get physical Edition 1 (PDF, 3 MB)


Norfolk and Suffolk Recovery College have been looking at the five different processes of recovery known as CHIME (Connectedness, Hope and optimism, Identity, Meaning in life and Empowerment). Why not find out more…

CHIME training workbook (DOCX, 423 KB)


Blurt Foundation (a social enterprise dedicated to helping those affected by depression) has produced a free downloadable resource library, including information on self-care, crisis planning and supporting someone who has depression).

Visit to download


CAMHS Resources (co-produced by young people, carers and professionals) have put together these downloadable self-help and support guides for young people and for parents, carers and guardians.

Visit to download and for more information and support


Qdos Creates in Barnsley have created various relaxation technique videos during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Breathing Exercises for Relaxation

Body Scan

5 Mindfulness Exercises

How to Make Stress Cushions and Stress Balls 

Beginner Level Yoga Inspired Chair Exercise

Intermediate Level Yoga Inspired Chair Exercise

Stretching at Home

Art for Mindfulness – Patterns and Colours

Sensory Art – Monet Inspired Finger-painting