Meet the team

Lindsey Taylor-Crossley

Lindsey Taylor-Crossley – Principal

Hi everyone! I’m the person responsible for steering the ship, making sure that everything runs smoothly, that we have lots of partners working with us to deliver the courses and workshops that you’ve requested, and that all of our wonderful staff, volunteers and students are happy in the College. I grew up in Suffolk on the coast, lived in Liverpool for a few years and moved to Yorkshire in 2008. I love travelling to experience other cultures, LOVE a silly faced photo and absolutely hate cauliflower with a passion!

Janette Tatterton

Janette Tatterton – College secretary

My role is to ‘keep all the plates spinning’ by ensuring the daily administration tasks of the College, such as enrolling and supporting students, booking courses, dealing with enquiries and many other tasks are carried out in an organised manner. I wear that many hats in a day, I now have a great collection! Since joining the Recovery College in its infancy, listening to the achievements of our students and volunteers has been the most rewarding part of my job. Contributing my ideas to the development and growth of the College has always been one of my top priorities and I look forward to helping the College progress further in the future. Outside of work I enjoy travel, and my hobbies include gardening and making wedding invitations and table decorations.

Hannah Burton

Hannah Burton – Physical activity lead

I love anything sporty, physical or mentally challenging. I have one of the most amazing roles within our Recovery Colleges and pride myself on sharing my knowledge and experiences on how physical activity can change people’s lives. Ask me to bake a cake and I’ll run a mile!

Leo Colton – Friends, family and carer lead / Mental health support worker

Hola, my role within the team is, errr…playing the drums and making tea. I think. Oh, and anything to do with music therapy, films and I’m passionate about family and carer support. I love to be active and love walking, taking random photos, travelling to faraway places, like Leeds (I’m from Barnsley y’see. But don’t hold that against me!). I love cooking and have been known to travel miles and miles just to find the best chocolate milkshake or vinyl record shop. By the way – I’m the one on the right in the photo! 🙂 It was taken at a therapy group I was helping with that the other team I’m part of (Enhanced Team West) ran.

Peace and love.

Gail Gwynne – Recovery Coach

Hello, I have volunteered with the Trust since 2014. I gained employment as a part time peer support worker and am now a full time recovery coach. This means that I co-produce and co-facilitate a range of courses for recovery colleges. I love meeting and collaborating with others I believe that we all learn from one another. I am passionate about education as a resource for recovery I am an eternal student J I love to write, read, create and have fun along the way.  Live music feeds my soul as does winter walks on the beach with my family especially our dog Daphney.  I look forward to working with you all in the future.

Our Team also includes our AMAZING volunteers

There about 30-40 volunteers working here, making up the majority of the team at the College. Many of us have experienced mental and/or physical health problems and we are passionate about the College and its values.

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