Meet the team

Lindsey Taylor-Crossley – Principal

Hi everyone! I’m the person responsible for steering the ship, making sure that everything runs smoothly, that we have lots of partners working with us to deliver the courses and workshops that you’ve requested, and that all of our wonderful staff, volunteers and students are happy in the College. I grew up in Suffolk on the coast (so I love being by the seaside and enjoying the benefits of breathing in the sea air), lived in Liverpool for a few years and moved to Yorkshire in 2008. I love travelling to experience other cultures, LOVE a silly faced photo and absolutely hate cauliflower with a passion!

Kia Akram – Team secretary

Well Hello 😊 I’m Kia and my role in the College is to keep you updated via our social media and look after publicity and promotion. I love to walk, talk and eat chocolate or anything sweet – I am the one who looks at the dessert menu first! Also, keep the Haribos away from me!

I enjoy travelling and collecting fridge magnets.

Steph Watkins – Team Secretary

Hi everyone! I’m Steph – Team Secretary. I’m new to the Recovery College and can’t wait to get involved in supporting the team.

Outside of work I love to keep fit. I run with a local running club which helps me keep on track physically and mentally. If I’m not running I’ll be walking my dog or spending time with my family; a husband, two football mad boys and one family dog.

I also love live music and arts and crafts, particularly pottery. I am hoping to take on a pottery course in the near future.

Gail Gwynne – Recovery coach

Hello, I have volunteered with the Trust since 2014. I gained employment as a part time peer support worker and am now a full time recovery coach. This means that I co-produce and co-facilitate a range of courses for recovery colleges. I love meeting and collaborating with others I believe that we all learn from one another. I am passionate about education as a resource for recovery I am an eternal student 🙂 I love to write, read, create and have fun along the way.  Live music feeds my soul as does winter walks on the beach with my family, especially our dog Daphney.  I look forward to working with you all in the future.

Rachel Aswat – Recovery college coordinator

Hi, I’m Rachel and my role as college coordinator is to work with our partners and students and make sure we can match courses to what is important for you to learn about.  My first exciting task is to work with our partners, volunteers and students to develop an under 18’s service so we can start to run courses and workshops for young people.  I love spending time with my family, baking, doing arts & crafts, watching movies, gardening and growing veg, stick me in a field in the countryside on a nice warm day and I’m happy!!

Emily Howden – Recovery college coordinator

Hello! I’m Emily – Recovery College Co-ordinator. As a coordinator I manage the planning and organisation of the courses and workshops. It’s my job to make sure we have a range of activities and learning opportunities within the college that are interesting, helpful and fun…and make them happen! I love anything crafty and will try my hand at any new arty project, you can often find me with a crochet hook in one hand and a sketchbook in the other. My garden is my haven, I grow flowers and plants mainly and love visiting other gardens to get inspiration. Things that make me happy include; the countryside, period dramas, woodland walks, campfires, my cats, folk music, a love story, visiting historical sites, spirituality, autumn colours, nature, the ocean, candles and a good book.

I look forward to being part of your journey!

Tina Dransfield – Peer support worker

Hi, I’m Tina; my role includes co-production and co-facilitation of courses, conducting ILPs and supporting people to attend.

I spend most of my time on my boat with my husband and dog. I live for my family, friends and holidays, in particular Universal Studios in Orlando and cruises. I have a daughter and two granddaughters; My grandkids spend every 2nd weekend with me on the boat and we aim to do practical activities and maintain a tech free zone!

I’ve been a financial advisor, hairdresser, teacher and a social prescriber.  My hobbies include boating, fishing, and crafting. I like to visit new places and drag my husband to just ‘see what’s round the corner!’ I enjoy going to the pub quiz with my sister and dog, Buddy, although rarely win, and I’m sure if they repeated the same questions the week after, my score wouldn’t improve! I believe in living everyday to its fullest and trying new things. Live, love and laugh are my mantra.

I am passionate about supporting people to achieve great things and look forward to working with more people and developing new ideas with them.

Rhys Edwards – Peer support worker

Hello, I’m Rhys my role as a peer support worker is to help facilitate and co-produce courses. I also conduct ILPs and support anyone who wishes to attend.

In my spare time I like to keep fit and be active so you will often find me on a football pitch or up a mountain. I also like to take my dog out and race him around the park, FYI he always wins!

I’m always keen for a sweet treat although I do my best to keep up with eating my fruit and veg. I’m very friendly and outgoing and always strive to help people in the best way I can.

Averil Hall – Peer support worker

Mental health promotion, it my favourite kind of potion.

I love to get involved in activities and supporting people through their difficulties.

People say I’m positive, reliable, friendly and True,

I want the very best for you, there is something you can do.

I love the art of simple living and giving the gift that keeps on giving.

Health and wellbeing, writing, nature, romantic comedies are my thing.

But please, please don’t make me sing!

Our Team also includes our AMAZING volunteers

There about 30-40 volunteers working here, making up the majority of the team at the College. Many of us have experienced mental and/or physical health problems and we are passionate about the College and its values.

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