Leo’s Story

“Our Caz”, had been picked by the police and was in a psychiatric hospital somewhere in north London and she needed to be brought back “up to a ward up north...”. “C’mon lad, we’re off to London” dad said.

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Emma’s story

I had low confidence and believed I couldn't achieve anything...I am really proud of what I can now achieve.

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Nicola’s story

I have higher self-esteem through attending the courses and volunteering now has helped me in particular.

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Tom’s story

The Recovery College were very helpful, meeting me before the course, making sure everything for the course was suitable for me.

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Liam’s story

I have the Recovery College to thank for giving me the necessary skills to engage and the drive to work in the NHS.

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Martin’s story

The Recovery College to me means making classes fun, friendly, sociable and creative environments, helping students to achieve a positive effect on their mental wellbeing.

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Steven’s story

As well as volunteering for the Recovery College, I also attended various courses.

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Becky’s story

I found that the Recovery College really brings people together.

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Cath’s story

Teaching for the Recovery College gave me the belief I could still do my job at a time when I was doubting myself.

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Daniel B’s story

I plucked up the courage to attend and it was the best thing I ever did. I was made to feel welcome in a warm and relaxed environment.

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