Steven’s story

As well as volunteering for the Recovery College, I also attended various courses.

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Becky’s story

I found that the Recovery College really brings people together.

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Cath’s story

Teaching for the Recovery College gave me the belief I could still do my job at a time when I was doubting myself.

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Daniel B’s story

I plucked up the courage to attend and it was the best thing I ever did. I was made to feel welcome in a warm and relaxed environment.

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Daniel’s story

I have learnt new ways to be and stay healthy and also some coping strategies and mechanisms to help manage my enthusiasm and confidence to be able to do things in my life.

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Grace’s story

I have seen people who have attended the Recovery College grow in confidence, learn new skills and make new friends.

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Jo’s story

It supported me to consider the positives of group work and how much people can learn from discussing issues with people in similar situations.

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Laura’s story

People not only gain experience but make new friends at the same time.

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