Steven’s story


As well as volunteering for the Recovery College, I also attended various courses.

Following a long period of ill health, and as part of my recovery, the Job Centre Plus suggested volunteering with the Wakefield Recovery College. The role of meet and greet was recommended to help with my anxiety and low confidence.

Volunteering was something I’d never done before and was quite daunting to even think about. After dawdling quite a bit, I eventually joined. At the beginning my confidence was so low I was reluctant to even ask aloud in the waiting room if anyone was doing a course.

As well as volunteering for the Recovery College, I also attended various courses like the anxiety and depression courses, which I found a great help. In another course, we even did Tai Chi!

Now three years later, having improved my confidence and social skills too, I also volunteer with the Richmond Fellowship and with Sustain Wakefield – helping to run their respective Games Group and pool / snooker club.

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