Laura’s story



People not only gain experience but make new friends at the same time.

I believe the Recovery College is a vital part of mental health services and attending the courses can have a massive impact on individuals’ wellbeing as a whole, through learning, meeting people and gaining confidence.

I have seen the progression of people being a student to then go on to run the course and I’ve seen what an impact this has had. For myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed the courses that I have attended and enjoy running the couch to 5k course. To see individuals who, in the beginning, don’t believe they can run, to within 10 weeks being able to complete a 5k park run, is brilliant. They not only gain experience running but make new friends at the same time.

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She explained that she didn’t feel like the odd one out - there were others in the same boat as her...I’d recommend the Wakefield Recovery College to both clients and advisors - it helped me gain a deeper understanding.

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It made me realise that there is nothing like listening first-hand to the experiences of those living with the condition to give you a clearer picture of their experiences and struggles they deal with daily

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