Becca’s story


I think it is important that 16-25 year olds have a safe place

I have experienced how mental health can affect young people both personally and through friends and I think it is important that 16-25 year olds have a safe place where they can discuss their worries, learn new skills and make friends with people who may be experiencing what they are experiencing and the Discovery College is the perfect environment for this.

A major point of the Recovery and Discovery College is that the courses are free therefore anyone can join without worrying about costs, I believe this in itself makes it more accessible and hopefully will encourage more young people to begin their recovery or discovery journey.

I have been involved with decisions in the overall look of the discovery college and making it so it is eye catching for young people, as I am a young person myself. While being on the editorial panel I have given feedback on course plans such as the anxiety and depression courses and I am facilitating a craft workshop myself making Christmas gonks in November and December.

Being a part of something that I believe will be an important part of the mental health community is a real honour and I enjoy working alongside kind and caring people who hope for the same end results I do.

I volunteer for the Recovery College and the Discovery College while studying psychology as a degree and I enjoy every moment of it, everyone is so friendly and kind.

There is a wide variety of courses which I believe are important as they are informative and fun with a welcoming atmosphere.

I feel being a part of the team has developed my confidence and has given me a real insight into mental health services.

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