Bob’s Story

They have kept me active both mentally and physically over the past few months

I am visually impaired. I enjoy keeping active and visiting the countryside. It was something I did regularly prior to March 2020 when the first lockdown started.

As an alternative, I signed up for live online exercise classes soon after the first lockdown. This included weekly trampolining, combat fitness and yoga classes. I have been doing them ever since.

They have kept me active both mentally and physically over the past few months. I don’t go out of the house often especially with social distancing, so these classes are the only way for me to get regular exercise. I also like the fact that they are spread throughout the week, giving some routine and structure.

The classes themselves are fun and challenging! The instructors have been great at making sure they are accessible for visually impaired participants by making sure they explain in detail all the moves we have to do. The classes have helped with my confidence and I like the fact I am able to do the classes without physical sighted assistance.

My favourite class out of the three is trampolining . I get to jump to random tracks including the Spice Girls!


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