Bounce Back – find out more about financial support

Wakefield Recovery and Wellbeing College

August 12, 2021

A new service from IncomeMax to support people with their finances, including information about what you may be entitled to, what support you can get, debt management and more, is being launched called Bounce Back. Better still, until 30 September 2021, signing up to this support is free of charge. Here’s how IncomeMax describe what they’re offering:

IncomeMax Bounce Back aims to help 10,000 people better understand and improve their financial situation across the summer in 2021. It is made of two parts: Firstly the Bounce Back campaign which has been designed to raise awareness of the assistance on offer and encourage users to sign up for our benefits checklist. Then secondly, for those most in need, access to person to person advice from one of our specially trained team, either through the core functions of our new digital tool, IncomeMax Messenger or through our existing telephone-based service.

At IncomeMax we approach your life events, debt, money management and support differently. We know it sometimes feels like no one wants to help or has an answer. But when it comes to your financial wellbeing, we’ve got your back. Things are pretty tough right now. So we’re introducing IncomeMax Bounce Back – a brand new service to provide post-pandemic support to people who need help managing their money and overcoming debt. For a limited period until 30 September, you can register your interest for free, confidential advice from an IncomeMax advisor. 8 in 10 customers have new income identified.

So how can we help? Each year, people miss out on billions of pounds of new income that they are entitled to but unaware of. It includes benefits, grants, and help for household bills and debts. Our advisors guide people through the income maximisation journey. Since 2009, we’ve helped secure £30 million in new income. And the best thing? Our service is free and confidential. Now, we’re launching a brand new service to help people bounce back from financial uncertainty. It could raise an extra £140 to pay off your energy bill. It’s not uncommon for us find people £16,000 – £25,000 extra annual income. Signing up takes just two minutes and gets you our exclusive Bounce Back Checklist to maximising your income, packed full of links
to extra tools, resources and information to help you level up your finances. For those who are particularly in need, we’ll be providing free, confidential advice over email, telephone, or IncomeMax Messenger, our new online messaging service that’s coming soon.

Head to to sign up or to find out more click here to watch a video from IncomeMax.


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