Brazilian Culture and Capoeira (pronounced “cap-o-ay-ra”)

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Ever wondered what life is like in the colourful world of Brazil? Think samba, carnival, music, football and food! Come and learn from the talented Sandro Alves about the culture, cuisine, and traditions of his native country.

In this roll on roll off course over the period of 12 weeks you will truly immerse yourself in the world of Brazil. You will spend some time each session learning about the culture and customs and then move into the famous Capoeira! Pronounced “cap-o-ay-ra”, Capoeira is a traditional form of dance like martial art performed to musical instruments and traditional Brazilian songs that is unique and distinctive to Brazilian culture.  Sandro will give you a Capoeira demonstration and teach you some basic movements to have a go yourself!

Sandro welcomes everyone and creates a welcoming, friendly setting for you to feel at ease to learn and participate as you wish, no prior knowledge or experience is required. He knows exactly how to adapt his classes for people with limited mobility or specific needs so everyone can have a go and if you don’t want to…well enjoy the show!

Come along and become a Brazilian expert and learn something new with us!

Please note that you can join this at any time within the 12 weeks and join for as long or as little as you like.

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Monday9 January 20235:30pm-6:45pm12 weeks

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