A week in the life of…

The Wakefield Recovery and Discovery College team

December 8, 2023

At the start of the autumn/winter 2023 term we asked you how frequently you wished to receive our newsletter The Supporter. You decided that you wanted to start receiving the newsletter monthly, instead of weekly, and in the weeks in between wanted to receive updates from us in different ways instead. So, we’ve got our heads together as a team and all throughout this year, once a month, we’ll be popping a blog up on our website looking closely at a week in the life of one of the team members. It’ll show you a little about what our team get up to in their roles and the sort of things they do to be able to deliver the Recovery College offer.


In the other weeks, we’re also going to be putting new exciting things on. Your month from us should look a little like this…


  • First Friday of every month – Newsletter emailed out to all.
  • Second Friday of every month – “A week in the life of…” blog on our website here and linked on our social media pages.
  • Third Friday – Our post-it style update sheets will be emailed out to all.
  • Fourth Friday – Pot Luck – each fourth Friday we’ll have a new treat to surprise and delight you all. This year, it’ll be part of our “17 Days of Christmas” event on our social media pages, giving you a craft, activity or mindfulness practice to do every day that the College is closed over Christmas.

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