A week in the life of…Kia


April 12, 2024

Hello People,

So a week in the life of me…I am Kia, one of the team secretaries and new to the role. Admin isn’t something that I have ever done before so this role is all very new to me. But admin is like being a backing singer for the main act- without us, it just wouldn’t flow. In short, Steph and I attempt to make sure things run smoothly, with added comedy value and laughter one mishap at a time.
Whether it is lack of caffeine or a course cancellation- We have got this.

Join me whilst I go through my typical working week.

To start off with on a morning, I will make sure I have all my drinks ready to start my day- (coffee, coffee and more coffee), I will go through the emails and action the emails that need to be actioned. I will respond to emails and register new enrolments. I will also check if there are any voicemails that have been left.

Once I have gone through the emails, enrolments and calls, it is time for our morning catchups 😊. The morning catch-ups are brilliant and great to be in touch with everyone in the team. Once everyone has said hello, we will go through what everyone in the team has got planned or any ideas anyone has are thrown into this catch up.

I also manage the social media platforms – We have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So be sure to add us! All of our information for courses is on our socials. I will check our social media and schedule any posts that need to be done and respond to any queries.

I also carry out Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) for students enrolling with us. Whilst doing the ILP’s I will let students know about us as a college and what courses we offer, as well as finding out what we can do to support those students to attend.

Some of our courses require items to be ordered; I will be informed by one of our many spreadsheets what needs ordering and I will place an order via Oracle. This will get delivered within a month of ordering and the shelves will be restocked.

With our Newsletter now once a month, I will collect information throughout the month and then place all the relevant information into our newsletter, which will get sent to our students and contacts.

Usually on a Friday I will wind down and catch up on the things that need to be done, and reflect on another week accomplished in the life of admin.

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