My couch to 5k journey – Taking care of myself


February 23, 2024

Personal circumstances have meant that I have had to make the decision to bring my Couch to 5K journey to a premature end. Normally I would give myself a really hard time for not ‘getting to the end’ of something. As though the bit I did do, wasn’t enough, didn’t make a difference and didn’t count. However if I think about it I gained so much from my short couch to 5k journey, fresh air, clear head, exercise, perseverance, nature, a story to tell, an experience to share…the list goes on.

I find myself so focused on starting and finishing things that I tend to rush and underappreciate the middle bit – and lets face it we spend most of our lives in the middle bit.

I am grateful to be able to achieve what I have doing couch to 5k, I could have very easily stayed sat on my bum thank you very much, but I didn’t. That’s worth a celebration.

So I leave you with some of my moral musings from this journey that I will hold on to:

  • Relish the journey and slow down to notice the little wonders
  • What I do is enough. I do not need to strive to be a constant better version of myself
  • Life happens! Some things are out of my control however I do have the power to take care of myself

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