An introduction to autism (16-25)

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This two and a half hour workshop provides an introduction to autism, and how it may affect those diagnosed, from the perspective of someone diagnosed with autism.

We will answer questions such as: What is autism? What is meant by a “spectrum”? What is it like to live with autism? What is “sensory overload” and “meltdown”? What are the positive features of autism? What can others do to support people with autism effectively?

This course is for anyone interested in learning more about autism. It is an introductory course so if you already know a lot about autism it may not be suitable for you. The course may be suitable for people who are wondering about pursuing a diagnostic assessment, for family members of people who have just been diagnosed, or people who know an autistic person through work, education, or socially, and would like to know more about the condition. The session will include discussion, videos and written information. There will be an opportunity to ask questions of the facilitators.

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Tuesday30 April 20241pm-3.30pm1 weeks

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