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Autism awareness|

This short workshop looks at the life and experiences of someone living with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum and the fascinating insight and experiences of a family member looking...

Date & times

Friday 6 November 2020 at 10am-12pm


St. Giles’ Centre, St. Giles' Church, Market Place, Pontefract, WF8 1AT

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Dyslexia awareness|

This informal dyslexia awareness session, offered in partnership with Managing Dyslexia, aims to provide attendees with a better awareness of what dyslexia means, help them to recognise the signs and...

Date & times

Thursday 26 November 2020 at 2pm-4pm


Wakefield Town Hall, Wood Street, Wakefield, WF1 2HQ

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Easy meals – COMING SOON|

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the basic skills required to cook quick and easy meals. In small groups, with dedicated facilitators, students will learn about...

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Fire safety in the home – practical training – COMING SOON|

Have you ever wondered how you would actually use a fire extinguisher if you needed to? Perhaps you’re not certain how you might safely find your way out of your...

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